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12/04/2014 - No Comments!

REDBULL O’Marisquiño


O´Marisquiño is a free access action sports event, created 13 years ago.
Vigo, Pontevedra (SPAIN) at the main city dock in august 9, 10 and 11.

Director / Post: Joan Guasch
D.O.P.: José Luís Bernal
Prod. Company: Soul Pictures
Producer: Nicos Beatty
Music: Beale Street Sheiks – “Jazzin’ The Blues”
Riders: Sergio Layos, Viky Gómez, Joan Galcerán

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Directed by Joan Guasch

Produced by Joan Guasch & Pol Penas
DOP: José Luís Bernal
Music: Señor Chen
Rider: Alin Tani Catarig

Special thanks to:
Hector Ferreño, Guy Pérez, Dani Melo, David Pérez, Matí Mora.

Designed in Barcelona / Handcrafted in Italy
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