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Directed and produced by Joan Guasch

3D animation: Joan Guasch, Marc Urtasun, Julia Posada
3D scanning: Joan Guasch
Still photography: Marta Cots
Cast: Clàudia Palatchi, Albert Pernau
Render Farm: EGM Quality Image
Thanks to: David Pérez, Fernando Yanez, Gerard Toledano, Marc García, Emmanuel Chamboissier.

World Premiere at Pitchfork 

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Artist: JANSKY
Song: Apocalipsi (feat.Defled)

Directed and produced by Joan Guasch

With the assistance of Javier Mazuelas, Neus Marí and Noemí Garcies
Make-up by Noemí Garcies (Komposit Studio)
Hairstyle by Izka
Special thanks to Pablo Attfield, Parc Natural de S'Albufera de Mallorca and Fundació Deixalles.
Filmed in Palma and Alcúdia in September 2014.

Featured in FDRMX Magazine

Directors Notes interview:


Ever so soaked stood our flesh
that, as we rubbed, we electrocuted:
we were two corpses feeding water,
ever so flat stood the waves.

None of the raft's thirteen holes,
ever so dense stood the brine,
let pour spirit through the wounds
and infinity hypertrophied:
ever so wide stood the space.

Ever so wet stood the space
that I drenched in and I quite fell
down down without a stopping butt,
ever so far stood the raft.

None of the seven eyes of scorn,
ever so dense was lack of time,
saw me become a protorosaurus:
and to other stirs I gave myself,
ever so vital stood our flesh.

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Artist: Micachu
Song: Turn Me Well
Album: Jewellery
Label: Rough Trade Records / Accidental

Director: Joan Guasch
Production Company: Laneta
Producer: Pol Penas
Production Assistant: Mònica de la Asunción
Production Assistant: Tea
D.O.P.: Pol Orpinell
Camera Operator: Iñaki Gorraiz
Spark: Julio Urbina
Spark: Alexandra Bargas
Editor/Postproduction: Joan Guasch
Colorist: Joan Guasch
Art Direction: Marta Sánchez
Stylist: Sergio Guerrero
Cast: Miranda Makaroff

Special Thanks:
Buki Ebiesuwa
Robert López - Mamma Team
Oriol Moreno - Parc Audiovisual

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Artist: Blockhead
Song: The Art of Walking (Downtown Science - Ninja Tune 2006)
Director: Joan Guasch
D.P.: Joan Guasch


AWARDS: Best Music Video: DIBA (Digital Barcelona Film Festival 08, Spain) FESTIVAL VIDEOLIFE 08 (MUSAC - LEON, Spain) Finalist: BOLZANO SHORT FILM FESTIVAL (ITALY 2008) CORTOMIERES 2008 (MIERES, Spain)

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The concept was to create an experimental set of visuals using only food as the material to react with sound. This is supposed to show how something we come into contact with every day changes, and also to show how even the most subtle sound can elicit a physical reaction.


Featured in FACT Magazine